Atkinson Housing Co-operative

Co-op living in Alexandra Park

Welcome to Atkinson Housing Co-operative


71 Augusta Square  
Toronto , Ontario   M5T 2K6
Phone: 416-504-6993    
Fax:  416-504-8436


Managed by Community First Developments, Inc.
Property Manager - Don J. White

Atkinson Housing Co-op is conveniently located in the heart of one of Toronto's most diverse neighbourhoods. It includes Chinatown and Kensington Market. There are 147 apartments in two buildings and 263 town homes covering an 18 acre site. There is a Community Centre as well as Daycare Services for Atkinson members and residents. There are also two playgrounds and two basketball courts on site.

Atkinson Co-op is the first public housing conversion in Canada.  The conversion continues to be supported by the Atkinson Foundation, Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto.



Atkinson's General Members Meeting


The General Members Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 7:00pm at the Alexandra Park Community Centre, located at 105 Grange Court.

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 Randy Padmore


A man of vision.  A man of infinite abundance for life. Randy's passion for youth was felt throughout the city by all who met him.  His work at Atkinson Housing Co-op and the Alexander Park Community over these past 15 months re-shaped a community the way that only Randy could.


His commitment to excellence in all that we do was exhibited on a daily basis by his every action. Randy's work with the Atkinson Outreach Team touched many people in the community.


 A few more words about Randy

 Randy Padmore's Obituary by the Toronto Star            



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